A Letter From The Administrator

It’s hard to believe I’ve worked here over 25 years and still love what I do. But, who could not? With an exceptional staff and residents I love like family who are full of knowledge and entertainment, I am truly blessed. Not a day goes by without some encouraging words or wisdom spoken by them. Even with all the regulations from government agencies, it is truly a blessing to work in a place with an employee team effort who tries hard to provide the love and care this one does. I have truly been blessed and appreciate the honor and privilege to lead the people in this facility. We have enjoyed positive ratings and strive to continue to provide the service you desire for your loved ones. My door is always open to you. I look forward to the years to come in my role as Administrator of the MS Care Center of Morton.

I’d like to honor two of the many people who have made a positive impact in my life and the life of the facility:
Mrs. Elsie Thompson, RN Charge Nurse who has been employed since October 1978 and has made the comment many times; “We don’t want to give good care”. After getting the person’s attention, she states, “We want to give the BEST care”. Her philosophy is above and beyond what is acceptable.
Mr. Garry Pace, Administrator/Operator who hired me in 1992 and has impacted my life greatly. He has engrained in me since day one: “We don’t compromise the residents for anything or anybody”.

Thanks to both individuals for giving unselfishly to the residents and staff of this facility.

Matthew 25:40 – Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.

Betty J. McCurdy, RN, NHA