Not a Thing I Would Change About My Stay
My stay has been very good.  Everyone was so kind and would do anything in the world you ask them too and that means a lot!  There was not a thing I would change about my stay.  It was as perfect as it could get!
Mrs. Jo Lewis, Puckett, MS, December 2018
Huge Improvements During Stay

My stay in the TCU was good!  The nurses were great and the therapy staff were great too! I absolutely made huge improvements during my stay.  One of the things I enjoyed most was visiting with other residents here.  It was one of the best parts of my stay!
Sue Brown, Sylvarena, MS, November 2018
I Loved the Nursing Staff
When asked about the nursing staff in our TCU, Ms. Charlotte said,  "Oh, I loved them! Especially Carolyn Keeton! She was so sweet and a great nurse to me! Now, the therapy was hard work but, I have made some big improvements while I was here. I am thankful for how far I have come and my hard work because it has allowed me to be able to return home with my family."
— Ms. Charlotte Evans, November 2018
Beauty Shop an Unexpected Plus
My stay at here was really nice!  Everyone treated me well and has been very helpful.  I enjoyed being able to go to the beauty shop while I was here. That was a plus that I didn't expect.
— Roxie Smith, Newton, September 2018
The Nursing Staff is Exceptional
I had been at another facility for 2 1/2 months and I had not seen any improvements.  I am a lot better now and have only been here 3 to 4 weeks.  The nursing staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.  I was very impressed with the team work they showed!  I didn't have to wait on my nurse if I needed anything!  Whoever was available would help me and it was never a problem with anything I needed.  No matter how big or small it was.  My stay here was great!  I would highly recommend it!  I had no problems.
— Jean Haralson, Ephesus Community, August 2018
I Haven't Found a Place Like This
They treat you like they have known you their whole life!  Everything was great!
When I came here I couldn't use my right hand at all.  After the therapy I got while I was here, I am able to grab and pick things up now.  The therapy staff was just precious and
so were the nurses!  I'm going to miss them all when I go home.
— Mildred Kemp, August 2018
Dr. Wright
The first thing that comes to mind when I think about my stay at the TCU at MSCC of Morton is that it is really homey and that I wish I could stay! The staff is very friendly and quick to meet any need I had. When I came here I couldn’t walk two feet, now I can walk one hundred. The therapist really helped me to get a lot better.
— Dr. James Wright
The Next Best Thing to Home

I would like to start out by saying that the City of Morton is very fortunate to have a facility such as Mississippi Care Center. It is run by caring, loving, and capable nurses, nurse’s aids, and all of the other wonderful employees. My mother became ill and was unable to continue living alone in March of 2015. Her home was at ‘White Oak, MS’ in Smith County. She, like most, was a little apprehensive about leaving her home of 60 years, but I live within walking distance of Mississippi Care Center, so we decided that it would be a ‘good fit’ for the both of us. We were right! It wasn’t home to her, but it was the next best thing. She was very content there until her death. She received quality care, made lots of friends, and participated in many of the different activities provided, as long as she was able. She and her roommate were inseparable. They were such a sight to behold! In just a few short months, they became the closest of friends, looking after each other and telling each other ‘life long secrets’ (things that NO one else knew). I miss my Mom so very much but I am satisfied in the fact that we made the right decision with Mississippi Care Center. I recommend it highly to families with loved ones who need ‘around the clock’ care.
— Rhonda Butler
MSCC Was His ‘Favorite Place to Be’

I cannot praise Mississippi Care Center in Morton enough. My husband was there at least four times for therapy and then on hospice. Every person from the top to bottom and bottom to top was wonderful to him and to us in his family. They were all kind, friendly, supportive, and loving. They felt like family and treated us like we were theirs. The facilities were immaculate and well maintained. MSCC was his ‘favorite place to be’ if he couldn’t be at home. We will be forever grateful to MSCC for the wonderful care he received and for our experience there
— Nancy Federick
A Member of the MSCC Family

I write this on what would have been my aunt’s 101st birthday. She died in April of 2016 at 100 years old and had been a resident of Mississippi Care Center for 18 years. The care she received through all of those years was extraordinary and she thought of herself as more than a resident . . . she was a member of that family (sometimes thinking she had more authority than she had, and at those times the staff would lovingly steer her in a more appropriate direction.) As her health and mobility permitted, she was able to move freely around the home to visit with other residents or visitors, participate in activities, and enjoy the church groups and singers who would come to entertain – or sit quietly in her room and read her Bible. Not once in those 18 years did I ever wonder if this was the right place for her – it was!
— Sue Tucker
An Amazing Instrument of Blessing

Our family could never say enough positive things about the MS Care Center of Morton. They were truly an amazing instrument of blessing in our lives and the life of our precious mother/grandmother. She was a resident there for 3+ years. Every staff member from the custodial staff to the nursing staff to the administrative staff – all of them were truly loving, kind and gracious to her and to our family. The staff’s camaraderie with each other is unusual as well. They love each other and interact with each other as family, not just co-workers. They speak lovingly to the residents, making them feel special. They work hard to keep the environment clean and inviting from the front door to the resident’s rooms. Our family could not have been more pleased with the treatment our loved one received. One time she was taken to the hospital and some of the staff were faithful to call and check on her. Upon her return to the facility, she was welcomed back with so much love and tender care. We were told at the hospital that she would basically be on the last days of her life. Shortly after returning to the care center, she was better than before and made it another 2+ years! We love and appreciate them so much!
I could write SO much more, but I figured it needed to be shorter for the website. Please let me know if I can do anything else to help! We do love and appreciate you all! . . .
— Jana Grubbs, Brandon, MS
It’s the Best Place There Is!

I have been a patient at Mississippi Care Center of Morton three times for short-term rehabilitation and every time was better than the last! It’s the best short-term rehab facility anywhere. They were extra good to me. My every need was met. Every nurse was great and I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone. It’s the best place there is!
— Helen Jean Crotwell, Morton, MS
The Facility is Like Family

I would recommend Mississippi Care Center of Morton to anyone for their short-term rehabilitation needs. The therapy services and skilled nursing care provided by this facility is building a name for itself – in the community and with area doctors. On my first follow-up visit with my neurologist, he stated that he would give Mississippi Care Center an ‘A+’ on the progress made with my right arm. This facility is very lucky to have Jacob Rigney and the entire therapy team who have assisted me in reaching my therapy goals and ultimately enabled me to return home with my wife. The facility is like family – and the nursing and therapy staff are what makes it such a wonderful healing place.
— W.M. Garner